A Crammed Christmas


Have you heard the one about the Irishman who got stuck in a McDonald’s baby chair? Actually it’s no joke. It happened. Police responded to assist the poor guy. Seems his backside was a little larger than the recommended size on the chair’s warning label. Some people like small spaces. I don’t. So when I heard that 20 cheerleaders dropped their pompoms and stretched, contorted and wedged themselves into a Smart car, I’m not sure if I should laugh or wince. They set a record. Sadly they were unable to get out of the car, but what a way to go. I’m kidding. They were fine.


My favourite account of “human Tetris” came out of North Korea in December, 1950. The Korean War had just broken out. Thousands flocked to the Hungnam docks, hoping that an Allied ship would whisk them off to safety. But the only ship available was a small cargo freighter, the SS Meredith Victory, captained by Leonard LaRue. The ship was designed to hold 59 people, but LaRue ordered 14,000 North Korean refugees to squeeze aboard. The refugees were packed so tightly they couldn’t even sit down. Yet as gunfire from enemy ships destroyed the port, the Meredith Victory set out for Pusan, 450 sea miles away. It was freezing, and there was little water or food. The first mate had only first aid training, but he delivered five babies during the voyage. And after two gruelling days at sea, the 14,005 refugees finally reached safe haven on Geoje Island on Christmas Day without a single injury. Years later, LaRue said, “I think often of that voyage. And the clear, unmistakable message comes to me that on that Christmas tide, in the bleak and bitter waters off the shores of Korea, God’s own hand was at the helm of my ship.”


Reminds me of another Christmas miracle. 2,000 years ago God managed to squeeze himself into a tiny human frame. I’m glad God isn’t as claustrophobic as I am. 1 Kings 8 says that even the heavens cannot contain God. And yet, Philippians 2 says, “Though he was God…he gave up his divine privileges…and was born as a human being.” On that first Christmas, God found a way to get every drop of his divinity into a tiny baby. Why? Because he loved us. Because he came to pay the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. God knows our brokenness and pain. He came on a rescue mission, to die that we might live. If you need to be rescued, simply reach out and accept His grace today. Don’t worry, there’s lots of room on the boat. If you’d like to know more, give us a call at 1-800-663-2425. From all of us at Laugh Again, have a very merry Christmas.

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