God Can’t



Is there something you wish you could do, but can’t? I feel your pain. There are things I can’t do. At my age, and in my condition, I can’t complete a standing back flip without ending up on a hospital gurney. Due to the dimensions of my stomach, I cannot eat that 76-ounce steak at Bubba’s Steak Pit to get my picture on the wall. I cannot fly, move things with my mind, run faster than a speeding teenager, bend the fabric of space and time, fire lazerbeams from my eyeballs, or lift more than 142 pounds over my head without pulling some fat. And I cannot cook a cheesecake as delicious as my wife’s cheesecake. Just can’t. Making something that delectable is a superhuman feat.

I am limited. So are you. But like that little kid, we’re in good company. You see, there are some things God can’t do either. Hear me out. God can’t fail. He can’t change. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. He can’t tell a lie, commit a sin, break a promise or get weary. Theologians sometimes debate things like can God cook a casserole so hot that He can’t eat it, or create a rock so big He can’t lift it? Can He create a circular square, or a two-sided triangle? God must laugh to think He created creatures that can come up with such absurd questions. Here are a few more things God can’t do. He can’t stop thinking about us. David said in Psalm 139, that His thoughts about us are so many they can’t be counted.

God can’t forget us. Isaiah 49:15 promises that He will never forget us. He’s thinking about you right now. And God can’t stop loving us. His unfailing love never ends. And He can’t remember our sins, when He’s chosen to forget them. Isaiah 43:25 says that He has blotted out our transgressions, He will not remember our sins. “What sins?” He asks, with a twinkle in His eye. “I can’t quite recall what you’re talking about.”

I’m so thankful today there are things that God can’t do. No matter how far you’ve strayed, won’t give up on you. So come to Him, give Him thanks and let the rejoicing begin. I’m feeling so encouraged I may just cook some dinner. And if it tastes as badly as I expect it to, I’ll just wash it down with some of my wife’s cheesecake.

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