Thankful Kids

What are you thankful for today? Some parents asked their kids this question and the results made me laugh. Erin said, “My son told me he was thankful for raisins. He doesn’t even like raisins.” Jennifer said, “My three-year-old is thankful for bubble wrap.” Michael and Manuel said, “Our son is thankful for bears—especially baby bears and panda bears. He is two and a half years old.” Lacey said her oldest is thankful for air, and her youngest is thankful for blimps.” seven-year-old Kierra said, “I’m thankful for the veterans because they protected our country so we can keep our freedom.” Lucy, age four, said, “I’m thankful for you mommy. And onions.” Elijah, age three, said, “I am thankful when bees don’t sting me, but when they do, mud feels me better.” Harlow, age four, is thankful for piggyback rides on daddy. River, age seven, said, “I am thankful to mommy for letting me play iPad two times a day on weekends.”

Here’s what Charlie is thankful for: “My mom…making her awfully wonderous chocolate chip pumpkin bread. Makes my mouth water. I’m so famished I just can’t wait to sink my teeth in that bread. I’m so thankful for food, all of it from fruit to veggies. One of my favourites is chocolate chip pumpkin bread. Food to me is like dying and going to heaven. Ding! That oven sound alarms me with joy. I can’t wait to get me a slice of that bread!” But Charlie isn’t done. He says, “Some kids are not as fortunate as me. I know, I’ll bring them food with stuff I love like pasta, fruit, veggies, snacks, meat, then maybe they’ll be as thankful as me.” Way to go, Charlie.

Here are five ways to raise thankful kids.

1. Be thankful yourself. Kids learn from watching and listening.
2. Give your kids less stuff. They’ll feel less entitled and appreciate things more.
3. Get involved with your kids in helping others who have less.
4. When you pray with your kids, count your blessings.
5. Read and memorize verses about being thankful. Start with 1 Chronicles 16:34: “Give thanks to the Lord for He is good. His love endures forever.” Jillian, age 12, said, “I’m thankful for the doctor who fixed my heart.” And Jesse, age four said, “I’m thankful Jesus loves me.”

Whatever you’re facing today, Jesus loves you. He will never leave you. Let’s thank Him all day.

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Phil Callaway

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