We’ve Got An Emergency by Phil Callaway

Children are an endless source of entertainment and humour. Today, our two-year-old granddaughter Sophia yelled, “Mama! We’ve got an emergency! I can’t find my other princess shoe. Oh wait, it’s here. It was an emergency mom. It was.” Corri Ann’s child told her, “Nice pants, Mommy. Why are you wearing them in public?”

Abby says that her seven-year-old was convinced she could speak Spanish thanks to the TV show Dora the Explorer. One day at a Mexican restaurant, the waitress said “Gracius!” and with all the conviction in the world Abby’s daughter responded, “Piñata!” John says, “My dad told me when I was really young, ‘I don’t ever want to see you do that again.’ I responded with, ‘Okay, close your eyes.’” Ha ha. Kathy says, “One day my daughter leaned in and said to me, ‘Don’t worry mommy, I love you and would never kill you.’” That’s a real comfort, isn’t it?

What would we do without kids? My granddaughter Sophie lives two hours away, but she’s already learning to pick up the phone. Not long ago, she said the three most beautiful words in the world to me. “Time for supper.” I’m kidding. She called me Buppa, then said, “I love you.” Suddenly tears showed up in my eyes. Were three sweeter words were ever spoken?
My daughter Rachael used to sing, “Jesus love me dis I do, for the Bible tell me so.” And it does, over and over again. Psalm 86:15 says, “You, O Lord, are a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness.” Romans 5:8 says, “God shows His love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” The greatest love of all is that one lay down his life for a friend. That’s what Jesus did for us. There could never be a greater expression of love than the love of our Saviour.

And it’s comforting to know my grandkids love me too. Of course, kids have a funny way of expressing it sometimes. One young mother named Tara was dressed up to go out for dinner with her hubby. Her son saw her and exclaimed excitedly, “Mom! You look beautiful! Just like a bat!” Remember, if you have little kids around, you need a good sense of humor and no sense of smell.

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Phil Callaway, the host of Laugh Again, is an award-winning author and speaker, known worldwide for his humorous yet perceptive look at life.

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