Whiners Anonymous

October 29, 2020


A lady entered a huge clothing store, and suddenly a band began to play, someone pinned a flower on her dress and handed her five one hundred dollar bills. She was the store’s one millionth customer. A TV news crew was filming the event and a reporter asked, “What did you come here for today?” The lady hesitated, then whispered, “I’m on my way to the Complaint Department.”

Not so long ago, I wrote a letter to a popular airline:

Dear Customer Service People,

How considerate of you to afford me the opportunity to take a four-city tour this past Tuesday while only charging me for one. Other airlines charge extra for this service. Not you. You allowed me to see places that weren’t even on my itinerary. Saskatoon. Winnipeg. And Thunder Bay, where we switched planes and waited for our new pilot to arrive from a mission to Mars.

During the safety announcement, two things really got through to me: 1. These new-fangled seat belts just click together, but you have to lift up on the buckle yourself. I keep forgetting this. 2. You’re not allowed to smoke on many of the flights now. There was a guy right behind me about to light up. He said, “What?” The announcement sure took him by surprise.

You’ll be happy to know we finally made it to Toronto where the cabs still run at 3 AM. After all that sitting, we got some great exercise looking for the luggage carousel. We found it. Our luggage didn’t. That’s okay. Just keep it. We got several good years out of it, so it’s your turn.

You’ll be pleased to know I never sent the note. But sometimes I allow frustration over things I can’t control to siphon the joy from my life. Every day something begs me to lose my patience, my temper, my perspective. To look at my circumstances when I should look at my Saviour. Philippians 2 says, “Do everything without complaining and arguing so that no one can criticize you.”

So, will you take the Laugh Again challenge with me? Let’s see if we can go 24 hours without one complaint. We may give our boss or spouse a heart attack, but maybe we’ll like it and decide to make it a habit.

Let’s start by giving thanks that airlines have yet to install coin-operated washrooms.

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