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2 min read

Top Three Headshakers

Lessons learned from crooks gone wild I’ve engaged in some ill-advised activities through the years. Chewed tobacco, thinking, this will…

3 min read

Back in the picture

How grace can change a life When the preacher William Willimon was ten he faithfully attended church membership class each…

3 min read

Life and the 3 Little Pigs

I am an extremely young grandpa. I’m still able to outrun and outjump the grandkids. It helps, that they are…

3 min read


Here is todays’ Laugh Again Stock Market Report: Helium is way up while paper remains stationary. Pencils have lost a…

3 min read

5 Secrets of a Caregiver

During Covid, it hit me that the raccoon always wears a mask and washes his hands frequently. And, if you…

3 min read

Early Celebration Syndrome

I once lived for sports. Whatever could be kicked, rolled, shot, or thrown, it was my sole focus. Sports taught…

3 min read

Finding Ezra (Part 2)

One of the most difficult things in life is watching your kids wade through a puddle of broken dreams. Read…

3 min read

Chris’s Incredible Journey

Our daughter-in-law was chopping wood on their farm. Her 3-year-old Seth, was watching. When she encountered a stubborn knot, she…

3 min read

Finding Ezra

Suddenly we have thirteen grandchildren. Our kids are exhausted. They wander about the house saying, “Why is it that the…

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