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3 min read

Three Words That Change Everything

Years ago, my wife and I became a SITCOM family. Single Income Three Children Oppressive Mortgage. We liked to tell…

3 min read

Does the Bible Really Say That?

Here are some things kids have written about the Bible: Moses went to the top of Mount Cyanide to get…

3 min read

The Plumber of Warsaw

Today at work, I paged myself over the intercom: “Would Phil Callaway please come to the office for a raise?”…

3 min read

What My Dog Taught Me About God

My dog Mojo and I are similar. We both love snacks. And naps. We both have wet noses and hair…

3 min read

Whiners Anonymous

A lady entered a huge clothing store, and suddenly a band began to play, someone pinned a flower on her…

3 min read

A Duel to Remember

I’m a born and raised small town, picket fence, barefoot in the summer kind of guy. My hometown was so…

3 min read

First World Problems

I’m sure you’ve never complained, but we all know people who have. Here are a few of my favourite complaints….

3 min read

We Need A Hero

Each morning three-year-old Ray asked his mom to pin a bath towel to the shoulders of his size two T-shirt….

2 min read

What is Your RQ?

It is time to discover your RQ, your Rumour Quotient. Let’s look at some popular rumours and see if you…

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