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3 min read

Eviction Notice

Here are excuses made by tenants who couldn’t pay their rent: “With my daughter’s graduation, our new boat, and our…

3 min read


Years ago, my son told me about something called Facebook. I said, “That’s the dumbest idea since the pogo stick….

3 min read

Plugged In

Back to School? Make sure you’re connected to the right source When the school year begins, I like to recall…

3 min read

Faithful Furry Friend

Marks on a tattered measuring chart in our pantry are proof: children grow up fast. Most nights Mojo the faithful…

2 min read

Where There’s Smoke

It’s been a horrendous year for forest fires. This summer we could barely see the sun for weeks. Smokers stopped…

3 min read

Out of the Park

It took Hank Aaron 17 years to get 3,000 hits in baseball. Later he said, “I did it one afternoon…

3 min read

5 Secrets of a Caregiver

Here’s advice from one who has learned the hard way: While your wife is giving birth, do not stand beside…

3 min read

Avoiding Fear

I love these new studies that come out. Here’s one: Humans eat more bananas than monkeys. I think it’s true….

2 min read

Whopper Stopper

3 Lies I Believed About God Here are a few whoppers parents have told. One Dad admitted, “I told my…

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