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3 min read

Dating Rachael

When my daughter was 15, she hung a Bible verse on her bedroom door. Psalm 56:1: “Have mercy on me…

3 min read

The Power of a Laugh

When I was two, I realized I could make people laugh by walking around with my soother stuck in my…

3 min read

Slow to Speak

I told my wife Ramona of a study that claims men use about half as many words as women do….

Where is God? - Laugh Again
3 min read

Where Is God?

Is it possible that he’s closer than you think? Two mischievous brothers were constantly in trouble for their pranks. Desperate,…

Hidden Harley
3 min read

Hidden Harley

My wife loves yard sales. I don’t. But I go along just to haggle. “That book of DVDs. Would you…

Finding Candyland - Laugh Again
3 min read

Finding Candyland

The remarkable story of one who was down, so she lifted others up. The uncertainty and fear surrounding Covid is…

A Christian Game - Laugh Again
3 min read

A Christian Game

I’m going to have at least six groups of people mad at me today. But if you’re into sports or…

3 min read

Don’t Tell Your Wife

Why a guy never says, “Might as well go for a salad.”  I’ve been married more than thirty years in…

Go Ahead and Howl - Laugh Again
3 min read

Go Ahead and Howl

When I wrote the book Tricks My Dog Taught Me, I surveyed 300 dog lovers, asking them among other things,…

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