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3 min read

Rebuilding My Greenhouse

What can we learn in the storms of life I learned about weather when I was a kid. About cold…

3 min read

Simple Resolutions

My gratitude for answered prayer My New Year’s resolution last year was to eat an apple a day. So that…

2 min read

The Gospel According to Peanuts

What you missed in Charlie Brown’s Christmas special One of the most profound books my pastor father ever brought home…

3 min read

I’ve Been Schooled!

I was homeschooled. Until the age of five. At which point my parents gave up on me and handed me…

3 min read

Buried Treasure

Eight riches we overlook every day A pirate captain set out to retrieve a treasure chest he had buried, full…

3 min read

Grade-A Tattler

Becoming the right kind of “tattle tale” Did you ever have a kid in your class who was known as…

3 min read

The Best Absentee Notice

Like me, most children enjoy any excuse to get out of school. One wrote a note to the teacher. “There…

3 min read

Of Burnt Turkey and Cherry Pie

Where to go when life is the pits It’s that time of year when we set our minds on things…

3 min read

Two Magic Words

This morning my wife told me I snored. I thanked her, because here is a woman who at some point…

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