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3 min read

Three Word Smiles

Is it possible to make someone smile with three words? I think so. How about “Hot apple pie”? “Come for…

3 min read

10,000 Hours

Today we present my three-step guarantee on how to make money from Facebook.   Step 1: Open Facebook, go to…

3 min read

Get Back Up

Years ago there was a famous football coach who hired an assistant coach named Mike. Now Mike was going to…

3 min read

The Apology

Few things give me more pleasure than reading apologies from newspapers. Like these: “Due to a typing error, Saturday’s story…

3 min read

Small Towns, Big Laughs

I’ve spent much of my life in a small town. “How small?” you ask. About 50,000 if you include ants,…

3 min read

Side Effects

I was watching a football game when a drug commercial flashed across the screen. Most of the ad was spent…

3 min read

Grouse For Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Day. It’s that time when we crowd around full tables with empty stomachs, eat our weight in turkey,…

3 min read

Butterball Hotline

I wouldn’t stay employed long if I were one of the operators on the Butterball Turkey hotline. If you haven’t…

3 min read

TV or not TV

One September when our children were small, we unplugged our TV. One day our five-year-old daughter came home from a…

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