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3 min read

3 Lies I Believed About God

I believed some crazy things as a child. I believed my mom when she said, “Keep crossing your eyes and…

3 min read

Remember What’s-His-Name?

I can’t tell you how excited I was the first time my granddaughter Eowyn called me Bumpa. Then I discovered…

3 min read

Marriage Savers

My wife and I have officially reached another anniversary. Each of them is a miracle. You don’t live with a…

3 min read

Why I Go to Church

I love to hear from children. Not all the time. Not while we are shopping and our two-year-old yells, “Look…

3 min read

Three Togethers

My wife is eight months older than I. No one believes this. You see the two of us together and…

3 min read

The Politician’s Fruit

Recently I spoke at a leadership banquet for Canada’s National Prayer Breakfast in Ottawa. Dinner was delayed that evening as…

3 min read

Larry Norman, My Mother, and Me

Music was highly important to me when I was a teen. I ranked it slightly ahead of eating and some…

3 min read

Left-Handed Whoppers

A little boy was at the park with his mother. Trees swayed in a gentle breeze. Swans paddled gracefully across…

3 min read


Did you ever think of running away from home when you were a kid? Here are some actual runaway notes…

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