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3 min read

Whopper Stopper by Phil Callaway

Children are born with an innocent gullibility. You have to be careful what you tell them. When you say, “If…

2 min read

Questions About Cash by Phil Callaway

Today I’ll try to answer three questions that have come across my desk relating to money and giving. 1. Kurt:…

3 min read

Epic Fail by Phil Callaway

Not long ago, my kids introduced a new phrase to my vocabulary: “Epic Fail.” I think it happened when I…

3 min read

Oh Canada

On July 1st, Canada turns 150 years young. Laugh Again is heard in many countries, but wherever you are today,…

3 min read

Three Coincidences

Recently I found myself on a stage after being introduced by a guy wearing the same brand and colour of…

3 min read

Six Things I Used to Hate About You

Early in our marriage, things weren’t going well. My wife irritated me. I wanted to follow Martin Luther’s example and…

3 min read

Ask Papa Phil

I’ve been called a parenting expert by people who haven’t read my book I Used to Have Answers, Now I…

3 min read

God’s Bad Math

I was never good at math. My P.E. marks were top notch, I excelled at recess and lunch, but after…

3 min read

Happy 700th

It’s hard to believe, but we are turning 700! I know I don’t look a day over 30, but this…

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