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3 min read

The Bad Old Days

Some love talking about the good old days. But I’m telling you, my childhood wasn’t easy. We had to wait…

3 min read

That’s Ridiculous

Ever said something so ridiculous that you surprised yourself? I may be the only guy in history to thank a…

3 min read

The Energizer Mommy

It’s time for me to tell you five things I never heard my mother say:   1) “There’s money in…

3 min read

A Few Good Words

I was a skinny child. So skinny that I needed suspenders to keep my Speedo from falling down. So skinny…

3 min read

Without Delay

My wife and I arrived at the Fort Lauderdale airport eager to hop on a flight home. “On Time” said…

One Ring | Laugh Again
3 min read

One Ring

My oldest son’s favourite book series by a country mile is Lord of the Rings. He read all three of…

Why Knot | Laugh Again
3 min read

Why Knot?

One of the highlights of my young life was Boys’ Brigade. It was like Boy Scouts, but put on by…

3 min read

The Joy of Forgiveness

People. Do you have some in your life? They add flavour and fun and laughter. But sometimes…. Well, I came…

3 min read

The Greatest Escape

I was not a model student. I didn’t make the honour roll, I made the “horror roll.” In fifth grade…

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