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3 min read

The Great Passport Disaster

Every parent knows that kids learn more from your life than your lips. By example, I have taught my son…

3 min read

Groundhog Winter

I am one of a few million Canadians who experience Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, a type of depression shared…

3 min read

Have You Ever Been Crippled by Anxiety, Fear or Doubt?

A mother asked her five-year-old to go to the pantry to get her a can of tomato soup. “But it’s…

3 min read

The Rescue

Have you ever been stuck? I just read of a burglar who was caught after police heard him screaming. They…

3 min read

The Best Exchange Rate

In case you haven’t heard anything completely ridiculous yet today, we present the Laugh Again Stock Market Report. Helium is…

3 min read

Words of Wilson

Quintin Stieff’s father left when he was three leaving his mom to raise seven kids. Two high school teachers took…

3 min read

Laugh Like a Kid Again

Have you ever had a book dedicated to you? Well, now you do. Here’s the dedication in my latest book….

3 min read

Thanks For Your Patience

Celebrating a most difficult virtue A boy was standing at the bottom of a “down” escalator looking up. A lady…

3 min read

I Doubt It

With all that 2020 brought, maybe we face bigger questions. I was singing to my 3-year-old grandson Judah, “Do you…

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