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3 min read


A new study claims that excessive use of Facebook brings discouragement, even depression. Now I enjoy using Facebook to cheer…

3 min read

How Ironic

Most humour is firmly rooted in the ironic. Like when a label comes off a glue bottle, or I pass…

3 min read

What’s your Ikigai?

There are two things that most of us want. The first is a long healthy life. That’s why we eat…

3 min read

Love and Marriage

Each February, retailers rush to cash in on the Valentine’s craze. I don’t mind. I love any opportunity to celebrate…

3 min read

God is Loser Friendly

I love to win. Always have. I imagine you do too. I don’t meet many people who say, “Some of…

3 min read

No Worries

There are some golden humor quotes in movies. In Finding Nemo, Dory the fish says, “I suffer from short term…

3 min read

Forbidden Smile

When our granddaughter Claira was eight months old, my son Jeff and his wife Raelyn plunked her on a chair…

3 min read

Falling Onstage

Nothing endears you to an audience quite like that moment when things go horribly wrong. When a microphone quits. A…

3 min read

Love According to Kids

Could you use a few good snickers? Not Snickers bars, but a few laughs? Kids were asked, “Why does love…

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