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3 min read

The Good Thing About Waiting

Have you heard of patience? It’s that quality you admire in the driver behind you, but can’t stand in the…

3 min read

Five Things Not to say to an Author

What do you say when people ask what you do? Maybe it’s easy. For example: “I’m an accountant. I solve…

3 min read

The Teenagers Are Coming by Phil Callaway

When we became parents, we noticed that the chief goal of many parents who are older is to tell you…

3 min read

The Good Thing About Worry

A lady walked into the doctor’s office. “Doc,” she said, “I’m worried. I have a pain in my eye whenever…

3 min read

When the World is Busted

Do you like cartoons? Right now I have a few taped to the bottom of my computer monitor. One cartoon…

3 min read

A Reason to Laugh

Christians are known for some great things. Like Christmas and Easter. We’ve built orphanages, hospitals, fed the hungry, cared for…

3 min read

World Records

When you leave this world, how will you be remembered?   Maybe people will remember that you set a world…

2 min read

Four Questions For Anyone Who’s Aging

Are you aging? Be honest. Nothing prepared me for getting older. For one thing, I thought my school teachers would…

3 min read

How to Raise the Village “Doofus”

A father was trying to teach his young son the dangers of drinking. So he filled a glass with whiskey,…

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