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3 min read

Water Has Broken

Last Saturday, I got two phone calls, one from my son Steve who said, “Dad, my water heater broke.” I…

3 min read

Another Run At It

Have you ever been cranky? Years ago a friend came into my office with a cartoon of a prune-faced man…

3 min read

What Mom Knows

Mothers are amazing.   My wife grew up in a home of mostly girls. So when our two boys came…

3 min read

Diet Style Evangelism

Have you ever been on a diet? My friend Steve Biggerstaff has. Last summer, we were having lunch together and…

3 min read

What a Book! By Phil Callaway

I don’t know about you, but I love obscure facts. Like the fact that honey is the only food that…

3 min read

Mile High Evangelism by Phil Callaway

It’s confession time.   I used to hate telling people about my faith. I would sit on an airplane, knowing…

3 min read

April Fools

I have incredible news for you. My wife tells me that she’s expecting. It’s a miracle. A miracle! In other…

3 min read

First World Problems

When my daughter was waitressing at a gourmet restaurant, she was shocked at how often people complained. Once the food…

3 min read

Home Boy

So I’ve written another book. But this one is different from the others. Through the years I’ve written about kids…

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