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3 min read

The Waiting Game

Waiting is not my favourite game. I’ve played it often. As a child, I waited for the cookies as they…

3 min read

Honey I Dunked the Kids

One summer my plans for the perfect peaceful family vacation were altered when our two-year-old daughter unwittingly smashed a $300…

3 min read

The Ferret File

I wish you could read my mail from time to time to hear what people who listen to Laugh Again…

3 min read

The Rescue

I love to hear dog rescue stories. I remember one headline “Weiner dog protects owner, stands up to black bear.”…

3 min read

Eat Up

A young bride was struggling with her cooking. Nothing seemed to work. Her husband came home one day to find…

3 min read

The Battle of the Bald

I am a relatively young man, but already my hair has gone underground and is coming out my nose. If…

3 min read

Master of the Home

I heard from a dad who said he was tired of his wife getting all the credit around the home….

3 min read

Fungeting 101

Have you noticed with inflation lately that a dollar saved is a penny earned? We’re here to help, my friend….

3 min read

The Best Bath Ever

Can you name a few of the top inventions of all time? How about the wheel. The lightbulb. Penicillin. The…

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