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3 min read

Thoughts On a Crazy Year

2020 is finally winding down. It can’t happen fast enough. It feels like we were given a gigantic Time Out…

3 min read

What Lies at Christmas

Christmas was a time when my brothers told me lies. “Lick that lamp post. It’s good for you. You gotta…

3 min read

Is Christmas Only About Traditions?

My older brothers had a favourite Christmas tradition. They used to save up the cardboard tubes from those rolls of…

3 min read

The Year Without a Sun

The moment you step off the train in Obendorf, Austria, you’ll think you’re in a fairy tale. Ambling through the…

3 min read

Really Far Out!

A friend said that with all that’s gone on here last year, he’d like to leave the planet. Vacate. Relocate….

3 min read

Three Words That Change Everything

Years ago, my wife and I became a SITCOM family. Single Income Three Children Oppressive Mortgage. We liked to tell…

3 min read

Does the Bible Really Say That?

Here are some things kids have written about the Bible: Moses went to the top of Mount Cyanide to get…

3 min read

The Plumber of Warsaw

Today at work, I paged myself over the intercom: “Would Phil Callaway please come to the office for a raise?”…

3 min read

What My Dog Taught Me About God

My dog Mojo and I are similar. We both love snacks. And naps. We both have wet noses and hair…

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