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3 min read

An Injection of Enthusiasm

What are you excited about today? What bounced you out of bed this morning? Was it one of the kids?…

3 min read

Phil’s Tips for a Great Marriage

While I was writing the book, To Be Perfectly Honest, a daily diary of me trying to live without a…

3 min read

Getting Older

I’m an optimist. Not even gravity can get me down. Recently I celebrated another birthday. A younger friend called and…

3 min read

Abandoned Husband

One holiday weekend, my friends Bob and Audrey left Winnipeg, Manitoba, their van piled high with sleeping bags and children,…

3 min read

Can God Forgive Me?

Have you ever wondered what people did before certain inventions? Like the breath mint. Or the singing fish? Or heated…

3 min read

Turning Over a New Leaf

During the Christmas holidays, a boy turned the pages on the old family Bible and was fascinated by the colourful…

3 min read

The Greatest Gift Ever

When I was a child, my parents weren’t able to afford much for Christmas, so I didn’t expect much. And…

3 min read

The Greatest Sneak

When I was a kid, I loved to sneak around at Christmas. We were forbidden to touch gifts beneath the…

3 min read

A Very Mary Christmas

A grandfather lived a thousand miles from his nine grandkids. On December 1st he wrote a generous check to each…

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