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3 min read

Quick Tips for Impatience

This week I discovered that you should never be in a hurry when cleaning out the dishwasher. I stabbed myself…

3 min read

Laughter is a Windshield Wiper

In my book, Laugh Like A Kid Again, I say that laughter is a windshield wiper. It won’t stop the…

3 min read

How to Laugh in the Face of Life’s Bloopers

I love watching sports bloopers. The baseball outfielder loses track of a fly ball, it bounces off his head and…

3 min read

Bible Verses That Aren’t

Kids say fascinating things about the Bible: “Adam and Eve were created from an apple tree.” “Noah built the ark…

3 min read

Why I’m Happily Married

When people find out I’ve been married to the same girl for 37 years in a row, they smile and…

3 min read

Oh, Dad!

On Father’s Day, I have mixed emotions when my kids give me gifts. I’m glad they remember me. I’m just…

3 min read

To My Son On His Wedding Day

Dear Steve, For 30 years we’ve prayed that God would provide a wife for you. A strong wife. God has…

3 min read

The Key to Comedy

We all love surprises. Well, maybe not. At her wedding, a bride got a set of monogrammed towels with the…

3 min read

The Best Mirror

My dad invented the dad joke. Most mornings I watched him in the mirror as he shaved. “Do you know…

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