4 Secrets to Great Friendships | Laugh Again Take 5 with Phil Callaway

February 26, 2020

4 Secrets to Great Friendships

What is the secret to great friendships? Well, in the very first episode EVER of Laugh Again Take 5, join host Phil Callaway as he seeks to answer this question! There are lots of things in life that can cause us to worry, doubt, and panic. But there’s also lots to smile about and be thankful for! So, if you’re in the mood for a laugh, need some encouragement, or simply want something to watch while you’re waiting for the bus, Laugh Again Take 5 is just the thing for you! Filled with laughs along the way, Phil takes us to a place where we can’t help but smile! Don’t forget to subscribe to Laugh Again TV, and be sure to check back every Wednesday where we’ll have the latest episode of Laugh Again Take 5 with Phil Callaway!

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